Web Gallery Downloader - how to download videos from BoundHub.com


Web Gallery Downloader downloads videos in maximal available quality and download speed is 4x faster than via your favorite browser! 


Available for Windows, macOS (Catalina, Mojave, Sierra) and Android


  1. Yo need to use Web Gallery Downloader in version and higher
  2. Navigate in your web browser to a BoundHub web page with a video that you want to download.
  3. Copy url of the web page from web browser to clipboard - right mouse click on navigation bar and select "Copy" or use keyboard shortcut CTRL + C
  4. Start Web Gallery Downloader and click on "Download Queue" tab on Ribbon. Paste the url from clipboard to "Enter link:" edit field  - Right mouse click on edit field and from popup menu select "Paste" or use keyboard shortcut CTRL + V
  5. Click on button "Add to queue" to add the video link to download queue. By this way you can add next videos to the queue.
  6. When you have added all videos to the queue click on button "Start downloading", select destination folder where videos will be saved and click on OK button. That is all, all videos in queue will be now downloaded to the destination folder.
  7. Click on button "Open last destination folder" to open a folder with your video


From version 7.0.1 you can entrer your BoundHub login and password and download all "Friends only" content


Copy BoundHub video link to clipboard


Add BoundHub video link to queue


Start Downloading of BoundHub video


BoundHub video link downloading in progress


Play downloaded BoundHub video in your favorite video player









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