ImageFap Uploader - Features:


  • Upload all your selected galleries to ImageFap account with a one click
  • Set all gallery information like name, keywords, description, categories and gallery folder
  • SOCKS Proxy support - you can upload your galleries anonymously via TOR Proxy
  • Default values for new galleries - you can specify in configuration default categories, keywords, description and gallery folder


How to start - Configuration: 

  1. Go to tab "Login & Configuration"
  2. Enter your ImageFap username and password
  3. (OPTIONAL) if you want to upload your galleries anonymously via TOR network - Check "Use SOCKS Proxy (for TOR and others)" and set correct proxy parameters. Click on button Test connection.
  4. (OPTIONAL) Set default gallery categories - every new gallery to upload will have this categories associated by default. 
  5. (OPTIONAL) Set default ImageFap gallery folder for uploaded galleries - every new gallery to upload will have this folder associated by default. Click on button "Refresh folders" and from popup "Default folder" select requested folder.
  6. (OPTIONAL) Set default keywords - every new gallery to upload will have this keywords associated by default.
  7. (OPTIONAL) Set default description - every new gallery to upload will have this description associated by default.
  8. OK, now you can start upload your galleries!

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How to start - Upload galleries:

  1. In Windows Explorer or in your favorite file manager select folders with images which you want to upload (Folder = Gallery).
  2. Drag this folders by left mouse button and drop them to rectangle with text "Drop gallery folders to this rectangle"
  3. All selected galleries were added to table. Name of the gallery is taken from folder name.
  4. Now you can select parameters for every gallery - name, description, keywords, categories and gallery folder.
  5. When you finish click on button "Upload galleries". Now will be all galleries uploaded to your Imagefap account.




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FREE and PRO version comparsion

  FREE version PRO version
Upload all galleries to ImageFap         YES YES
Move gallery to associated gallery folder YES YES
Unlimited number of keywords ONLY 4 keywords YES
Advertisement text in status updates YES NO
Gallery description  YES YES
1 year technical support and updates  NO YES
11,- USD 
PayPal Acceptance Mark